Holy crap, we’re in for it now!

The nerves, the excitement, the anxiousness – all seem to be building  on a pretty consistent level. If it weren’t for our all natural sleep medicine, I’m sure neither of us would be getting a wink. There is so much to do, that I can’t pour too much thought energy into this post, so I’m just going to do a quick recap of where we’re at and what’s going on with the APT team!

As you know by now, we also have 2 other businesses that can’t be forgotten about! So not only does Atlas Plant Trainer consume a TON of our time, caring for our plants and patients as well as running Green Harvest Solutions keeps us on our toes as well!

  • We have our first trimming machine rental sale! Our flagship machine, the EZ Trim Satellite has been receiving rave reviews from everyone who has rented it, and now we have the opportunity to sell one to a client of ours! This is super exciting for us, as we haven’t put a ton of effort into spreading the GHS word but what we offer is spreading from grower to grower naturally and organically.
  • We have 2 rooms to harvest within the next 7 days! We have a room full of one of our favorites, MOB (Mother of Berries) which is a homegrown Maine strain (and one of our personal favorites) that is great for night time pain relief and inducing sleep. That’s me working with them a few weeks ago. Our next room is full of some new strains, some that worked out really well, and some that seemed to have lagged behind the rest. Blue Cheese, ChemDawg, Salmon River OG, Valentine, Maui Wowee, and a mystery seed we have yet to name. Another room that we are excited to cut, and experience the new flavors when they are ready!
  • PR PR PR – or Public Relations for long. We are on the hunt for people to help us get the word out about the Atlas Plant Trainer and our campaign. The more people that know about it, the more people that can buy! If you know of anyone, we’d love your help getting the word out. We’re looking for people who write and have a quality following not only in the cannabis space, but gardening and home use areas as well! We’d certainly appreciate your help!
  • Manufacturing – we are also constantly on the hunt for ways to reduce our costs while maintaining the quality of our product. We have been uber focused on keeping production in Maine, but we just don’t think that it will be possible to do as a young company. While we have learned the cost difference of overseas production is not huge, it is large enough to cause us to pursue more of those leads. We would love to be able to walk into the factory making our product, but maybe that will come in the future with success!
  • Shipping – what a huge pain! They don’t make it easy, or cheap, to get a bunch of boxes from the West Coast to the East. With shipping costs jumping from $11 to a high of $36, we’re going to have to get creative for where our product lands and where we ship it from. I’m actually looking forward to the logistics chess match that we may have to play later! The game of finding a few locations to ship from country wide to eliminate high consumer shipping charges just sounds like a lot of fun! Call me a dork if you want to, I’m okay with that.

There’s much, much more going on but these are the big time-suckers right now. We have our Indiegogo page pretty well organized, our website ready to rock for that day, and emails ready to go out to friends, family, and our mailing list – as well as grow supply shops nationwide! Let’s blow it up!

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