How crazy things keep happening!

The past few weeks have been nothing short of crazy, and it has no signs of slowing down soon. If you haven’t been staying up to date with our newsletters, or our live videos on Facebook or Instagram, let me take a moment to recap our latest progress.

At the beginning of last week, we confirmed with our Chinese manufacturer that our molds were mostly complete (minus a few finishing touches on the clip) and we could start looking forward to the first articles being shipped. First articles are what they all the first production run in manufacturing – it’s to ensure that they are making what the prototypes and drawings indicate, before they start mass production with a minor flaw in the design.

We are also actively on the money raising trail, with some good traction so far with such a short time elapsed. We’ve submitted profiles on several of the major angel investor platforms, and have gotten interest on each one already! More importantly though, we have been accepted into the Leaf Forward business accelerator program put on by New Cannabis Ventures in Toronto Canada, which is an amazing opportunity for us. Not only could it help to move our business forward in a myriad of ways, but we specifically need to enter the Canadian market with APT because of their proposed plant count (4 per household) and height on those plants (100cm). The Atlas Plant Trainer was made for their market, designed to grow wide, not tall, maximizing canopy space, light penetration, and ultimately yield.

Lastly, and most excitingly, we are on our way to West Palm Beach in 2 weeks, assuming that it survives the incoming Hurricane Irma. What are we doing in West Palm Beach you ask? Well, pitching to a large group of investors with mega experience in the cannabis space – that’s what! We were given the opportunity at the last minute, qualified for the webinar process where investors rate you, and then was selected by a Forum Selection Committee to pitch on stage with the hopes of raising some capital to help us make Atlas Plant Trainer a national brand quickly. We are super stoked, and a bit overwhelmed with the opportunity and are doing everything to put our best foot forward. We are confident that even if we don’t raise any capital, we will foster positive business relationships that will help APT and us along the way.

And of course, we still have the grow that keeps on keeping on and Green Harvest Solutions that is really starting to pick up. So much so that we are getting ready to add a 3rd machine to the fleet, another EZ Trim Satellite (our 2nd) as we head into outdoor harvest season on Maine. In 4 days we had 12 rental calls, and a few calls inquiring about machine sales! What a great opportunity for us to meet more growers, learn new things, and get the name out about our brands and businesses. Oh, and we have one more venture that we are getting ready to undertake, but we’re not quite ready to share it with the world just yet – but it promises to be exciting, educational and a lot of fun!

Alright, so, how do I feel about all of this? It is overwhelming to say the least. Daunting, exciting, stressful, exhilarating and the list goes on. The days of to do lists getting longer than getting shorter are here to stay as we try to keep many balls from hitting the ground. My days start in the same way they end, trying to think of how I can best optimize the next few hours to get the most done in as short a time as possible.

I have taken to a few productivity apps like Wunderlist, Evernote, and especially Google Calendar. I love Wunderlist as it’s easy to move items from day to day (which is critical in today’s work flow), create subtasks and set reminders, among other features. It also allows you to share to do lists with other people, so it’s easy for Danielle to make me a list of things to do while I’m in town, or stores to visit while we’re on the road. Without Danielle keeping me organized, Atlas Plant Trainer wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is today – in fact, it probably wouldn’t be anything without her beside me through all of this.

I have to admit; the long days are starting to catch up to me a bit. It’s a lot easier to just keep working, doing task after task when it’s all tasks and it’s spelled out on a to do list because it has to be done. I’m struggling most with shifting tasks or gears frequently throughout the day, and then having to go back to work after enjoying the evening with my family. It would be so much easier to relax, sit on the couch, medicate and listen to the Red Sox. But sitting on the couch doesn’t get shit done. It doesn’t help us reach our goals, or build great relationships, create a great company, or sell a crap ton of APT sets! No, sitting on the couch doesn’t accomplish anything at all – so that’s why we don’t do it an awful lot. We totally see the benefit of winding down at the end of a long day, but at the END of a long day. The end of the day doesn’t mean after you get home from work, or right after dinner. It’s right BEFORE you go to bed, AFTER everything is done, for 30 minutes – maybe 45, and with no TV. We’ll end up staying up later than we need to, watching something that we absolutely don’t need to. I’ve been living by a quote lately:

“Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today?”

Lot’s of things can come up when you are running 3 (or 4) businesses, a household, and a family – as well as trying to be a good friend, because friends are the family you choose. I have found that every time I put off a major task to the next day, something comes up the next day that HAS to be done, is usually time consuming, and severely impacts my ability to get the task done that I previously put off. This usually resulted in me getting quite pissed for allowing myself to bump the task from the previous day, especially if I had time and chose to do something else, or nothing at all. As this continued to happen, I decided that if I were capable of doing the task at hand, there was absolutely no reason to bump it to the next day. So, if it should be done, then it usually gets done that day. I have found that this also creates larger blocks of free time, when there is truly nothing else that could be done – it is time to enjoy the freedom that I work so hard for.

In writing this post, I found another productivity quote that I really liked, and I’m not sure if I’ve heard exactly put this way. Do to the tone this post took, I thought this would be a good, though provoking way to end it.

“Discipline is doing what needs to be done

when you don’t want to do it!”