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One of the things that has stood out to me lately is how many people need growing advice, and are not sure where to turn to get it. Understandably, they don’t want to take to the internet to learn from “Joe’s Tips to Growing Weed”, you’re never sure if Joe knows what he’s talking about, and how much time, money, and frustration it’s going to cost you if you’ve never grown before. I think this is normal for most things that people are trying to learn with no background to go from, but especially with cannabis. It’s not cheap to set up an indoor grow room, but is definitely cheaper than having to continuously buy your cannabis. Along with the cost, cannabis is medicine, and people rely on it to feel better and no one wants to ruin their medicine by not growing it properly or getting pests or disease in your grow, ruining the entire crop.

I have been in dozens of grow shops over the past few months, getting the word out about Atlas Plant Trainer, and it never ceases to amaze me the trust that new growers put into the guy or gal working at the grow shop. That’s all fine and dandy, you should be able to trust the person behind the counter of any store to be a pro at their particular line of sales. You should be know they won’t lead you astray and give you advice that would ruin your crop, or seriously compromise your yields and quality of cannabis. But how do you know they are giving you good advice, and didn’t just learn from the internet – like you are trying to avoid.

My thoughts are that if you are looking to learn something, like seriously learn something, and get good at it, you can’t just trust one person, like you can’t just trust one internet article. Truth is, there are lots of ways to go good cannabis. Cannabis is a weed, and it grows like a weed, so it’s pretty hard to ruin, but also pretty hard to grow top shelf quality cannabis. When I got started growing, I had a few friends that walked me through the basic set up of a grow room, gave me some clones when I was ready and were there when I needed to ask questions. They are still there now, 3+ years later, answering an occasional text message when I’m looking for a second opinion on an issue.

However, whenever a question arises, I ALWAYS did a simple google search to try and learn the answer on my own. I understand this can be intimidating because of the plethora of information that can be out there, that’s why most people never make it past the first page of search results. That’s the same reason most people don’t trust everything they read on the internet, because they only have read it once, maybe twice, so they don’t think they can trust the source. I use the internet as a research tool, that sometimes leads me to the 3rd or 4th page of search results, reading many different articles and opinions on the subject.

Let’s say you are trying to figure out the particular yellowing of some of your cannabis leaves. Yellowing is a common sign of a nutrient deficiency, but trying to pin point which nutrient your plant is lacking is beyond difficult. Then, once you’ve figured out the nutrient issue, it’s not as easy as adding more of that nutrient. In fact, it can sometimes be impossible, because it’s not the fact you are putting in too few nutrients, but that you are having other issues that are preventing the plant from absorbing that particular nutrient. It could be that you are having ph problems and a nutrient is being locked out, it could be that you haven’t flushed frequently or with enough water, or you could have the start of a bug infestation and your plant is trying to show you the early signs of a root problem.

See what I’m saying? It can definitely be overwhelming when you are first starting, especially when there is so much information to take in. This brings me back to my point of having multiple trusted resources to turn to in order for you to make the best possible conclusion and course of action to help your plants grow healthy and improve the quality of your cannabis. But how do I find that trusted resource amongst the seas of resources?

Here’s where we’d like to come in! I am not a master grower, I don’t yield 3 pounds off one plant inside, nor do I grow 15 foot monsters outside. I’m sure with the right amount of money, time, and focus on these goals I could learn to, just like I’ve learned everything that I plan on sharing with you over the next few months.

I also don’t cross this plant with that plant, and then with this plant, and then back with this plant to come up with some crazy high THC level strain that taste and smells like snozzberries. There are people that do that, for their living, and are much, much better at it than I am and have an insane passion for that. Personally, I’d rather leave it for those people that have the insane passion for it because that work requires a lot of skill, patience, time and failure to produce the top shelf quality strains that are getting to the market today.

My goal has always been to grow quality cannabis that smells good, tastes good, looks great, and gives you the feeling that you want. I’ve had to expand my strain and ingestion method (smoking, vaping, ingesting, etc.) options to achieve that “feeling that you want” for all of my patients and for ourselves. I’ve also wanted to do all of this to provide for my family, get out of the daily grind of a corporate job, and learn how to run a small business and expand my opportunities in this “growing” industry (pun intended, of course). I’ve been able to do all of these things for 3 plus years, and have taken the opportunity to expand our interests into other avenues of the industry.

What I’ve realized recently is that there are so, so, SO many people out there that are looking to start out in the same way we did, with the same goals that we had, and with the same lack of guidance that we felt we had. We’d like to help with that. I definitely do not know everything about growing cannabis. I still make mistakes, I still have to ask questions at my grow shop, or look things up on the Internet. But, I’ve developed my own trusted resources over this time resulting in trusted processes that I can pass along to you that can teach you to grow quality cannabis without too much headache.

Over the next few months, Danielle and I plan on recording a video for pretty much every aspect of our lives in the garden, showing everybody and anybody that wants to learn how to get to the point we are with our Hempire! Again, we don’t plan on overwhelming you with the endless options of nutrients, lights, soils and other growing equipment options. We will show you what works for us, and maybe the issues (if any) that got us to that point, but not things we haven’t personally tried or currently do. We do not plan on showing you unlimited options in lighting, controls, fans, air flow, humidity control, soil, nutrients, pest prevention or anything else. We know what works for us, and if you follow our guides, it will work for you. We’ve set up a few friends with our growing technique, and all are doing well, so we’re confident it’s not just us. Maybe after we get you through the basics, you’ll find another grower  that will help you achieve master grower status if that’s what you’re looking for – but we think that a lot of people will be happy with the level of growing they will be able to achieve with our help.

So, if you’re ready to learn to grow good cannabis from beginning to end, or just pick up a few tips to make your garden better, hop on over to our YouTube channel, click Subscribe and you’ll get updated when we publish a new video! You can also sign up on our mailing list and get a look at the info that we have to share by getting our first 3 grow guides, Techniques for growing bigger plants, roots, and how to support.