Our journey to a healthier us…with CBD

Entrepreneurship is one hell of a wild ride. While you are pushing yourself to the absolute limit mentally, you start to notice the poor habits you have (not eating well, not exercising, not meditating, and not taking vitamins are just a few examples…sorry, Mom!) and just how much they can impact your ability to push yourself harder. There’s so much more to that, and some that I have shared previously, but in short…it’s just as much of a personal growth journey as it is a business growth journey. And honestly, the results of that personal journey that I have seen in myself so far have WAY outweighed all of the tougher moments we’ve experienced along the way.

I want to share my next step in this journey with you, because I am so hopeful it might help one of you. By now, you have probably heard about the benefits of CBD. If not, I highly recommend reading an article like THIS, or get a glimpse to the left. I’ve known about CBD’s powerful medicinal effects in treating anxiety for a while now, but it was only recently that I started using it myself. A good friend of mine makes delicious butterscotch hard candies, and I was fortunate enough to grab some at one of our first tradeshows for Atlas Plant Trainer back in April. My anxiety was through the roof, as it was APT’s debut and quite frankly, I am not a salesperson. In fact, some might say I’m even an introvert!

I tried the candy immediately as the show opened. Let me tell you…those candies made me feel like I could be, unapologetically, ME! I rocked that tradeshow and refined my sales pitch to a point I don’t even think my own husband recognized me! (For those of you that don’t know me personally, just the fact that I am sharing this with you now shows an incredible advancement in the management of my anxiety 😊).

I stocked up on the candy, but used them sparingly in situations that I knew I absolutely needed like you would with a prescription like Xanax. But I wanted more. I wanted day-to-day anxiety management. I wanted to feel like me every day (uh, who wouldn’t?), without the constant worry of failure or judgement from others.

Fast forward to this week. After doing a ton of additional research into CBD, I convinced Rob to try a regimented program with me. My primary ailment? Anxiety. His? Arthritis. Bingo – we have both a mental and a physical condition we want to test on ourselves, and more importantly, share the results with you in the hopes that maybe CBD can help you too!

What I am going to share with you is far from medical advice! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know that this is purely based off my own research and experimentation. I am happy to answer questions along the way, but I encourage you to speak with a healthcare professional if you are interested in starting this journey for yourself.

We purchased concentrated CBD oil, pre-measured into oral syringes at a CBD content level of 70%. Each pre-measured syringe has a total of 1 gram, with tick marks every 20 milligrams (1,000mg/syringe). This means that in one syringe, there are 700 milligrams of CBD. Each tick mark contains 14 milligrams of CBD.

This past Monday (7/17/17), we both started a regime of 14mg in the morning and 14mg in the evening. We are trying this dosage level for 2 weeks to see how we are both feeling, and whether or not we need to increase. Here’s how we are feeling so far:

Danielle – Significantly less anxiety, almost immediately within dosing. Now that we are five days in, I feel an overall greater sense of calm and peace. I also noticed that I have been able to fall asleep MUCH faster, and can get back to sleep more easily in the middle of the night.

Rob – Feels an overall greater sense of calm. No significant changes to pain yet.

It’s important to keep in mind that I have been using the CBD candies somewhat regularly so it’s already been building up in my body. We also project that Rob will require a higher dosage due to both the severity of his pain and overall tolerance level.

I’ve got to tell you – it doesn’t taste great…we dose each other with one drop under the tongue for better and quicker absorption. The butterscotch candies are much easier to swallow – literally haha! But, so worth it and something tells me I’ll be experimenting in the kitchen soon with it!

I’ll keep you up to date on how things are going for us, but please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! I am so excited to have such a powerful, natural way to treat my anxiety and I would love to hear if it helps any of you! 😊

UPDATE: Since we’ve been a little slow with blog posting, this has been sitting in our queue for over a month, but we thought it was important to share the perspective from the beginning.

…and now here I am, a month later! Overall, we are both feeling so much better with CBD. My anxiety has been well-managed and the pains that periodically flared up in my knees has been at bay. Rob has a little bit of inflammation improvement, but nothing crazy. With pain as advanced as his, it’s unlikely that even an extremely high dosage will make much of a difference. ☹ That, and the man literally never stops. Love you, babe!

Until next time…