Photos & Videos

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Since we are still pre-production, it is critical that you use your imagination and the help of some animated videos to help bring Atlas Plant Trainer to life. We had a video produced for our (failed :)) Indiegogo campaign, which does a great job getting you acquainted with the APT and it’s versatility but doesn’t show all that the APT can do. So, we had a 3d designer in France come up with a few renderings that we hope will really help you understand all that Atlas Plant Trainer can do for your plants.

Here are a few images!

Atlas Plant Trainer is:

APT pieces are made in black UV resistant plastic, good for 3-5 years under every day intense lighting – average 20 indoor harvests and almost unlimited outdoor harvests!

With an “open” design and stainless steel parts, they are easy to clean completely eliminating the potential of transferring problems from one grow to the next!


Our parts were designed to easily click together and come apart, all while being secure enough to hold up your heavy flowers! Also, APT pieces are completely interchangeable – allowing you to grow in any direction that you WANT!