What’s it take for this mom to come out of the cannabis closet?

While we are working towards the same goals for APT, we each bring very different perspectives to our business. To give you the full “behind the scenes” look, our blog is going to feature entries from both of us going forward. We’ll mark each entry with an “R” for Rob and a “D” for Danielle (brilliant, we know). Thanks for our interest, and come back soon!


I think I’ve found a new home! Thursday night was the second Women Grow event in Boston we were fortunate enough to attend. We also had the privilege of sponsoring this month’s networking event through the Atlas Plant Trainer business, which served as their one year anniversary party at the Brahmin in Boston. What an incredible turnout of women and men in the industry, or looking to make their way into it! The amount of passion, gratitude, and inspiration in the room is truly palpable. Everyone is smiling, and you are immediately welcomed as though you just stepped foot into an old friend’s home.

In these meetings, there are no colors. There are no ages. There are no differences – it is our similarity and passion for cannabis that brings us all together. Everyone has a unique story, and it’s fascinating to learn. Cannabis has captivated each of us in different ways and at varying stages of our lives. A mother (and total badass!), who is watching her son slowly slip away from stage 4 liver cancer tells me about how cannabis offers him comfort from the horrendous side effects of cancer treatments. Hell, she tells me that she is a cancer survivor herself, and how much she appreciates everything that cannabis helped her through. A son, who after learning his father had become addicted to prescription painkillers and doctors that showed no sense of urgency in helping him wean off these powerful narcotics, used placebos and cannabis to wean his father off until he was lucid enough to realize that he was being weaned off. Thankfully(?) He is clean now. A nurse, who is passionate about providing medical cannabis in nursing homes and hospice care to ease the mental and physical tolls taken on the bodies ofher patients?. She knows it’s an uphill battle but there is a fire in her eyes that tells me she won’t stop until she gets it done!

I could go on and on, each story is unique, but equally as inspiring.

The highlight of the evening was when Tito Jackson, candidate for Boston Mayor, gave an empowering speech culminating in his announcement that April 6th would now be known as Women Grow Day in Boston! HUGE congrats goes to Beth and her whole team for everything you have done to achieve such an honor!

Thank you, Women Grow, for creating a community of wellness, love, passion, and drive for each of us to use as fuel on our entrepreneurial journeys as we work together to normalize cannabis use and provide a safe place for us women to “come out of the cannabis closet”. 😊