Maximize all other inputs and increase yields!

Atlas Plant Trainer gives you complete control over the way your plants grow -our pieces connect and click to train and support your plants to grow wide, not tall, or any way at all.

Atlas Plant Trainer holding up heavy flowers!

Want to see more of Atlas Plant Trainer in action? Hit up our GALLERY to see videos and photos of APT doing work!!

Atlas Plant Trainer in nature, doing work!
Maximize all your other inputs such as Lights, Nutrients/Water, and Air Quality!
Bigger plants equals bigger yields!

Are you ready to get the most versatile gardening product in your garden TODAY?

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I was so intrigued when I learned about Atlas Plant Trainer – I thought “I don’t have to screw with trellis anymore? Hook me up!” Every time I mess with the Atlas Plant Trainer I love it more and more. There is a learning curve, but it’s something you pick up on – fast! Can’t wait to see the end results, I can’ already tell you I’m going to be pleased with my yield. Just bend and clip!”
@milehightallguy Instagram

Atlas Plant Trainer is working awesome! There are so many more tops on these plants than our others, it’s insane! Our yields are going to be significantly larger!
Dave, New Hampshire caregiver

Atlas Plant Trainer was a game changer in my grow. It allows me to train my plants in such a way where I can work on the whole plant. I like to be able to spin my plants and get all sides, , this can be done so easily now! It’s gentle on the plant, it’s sturdy and reusable, which is major! Love Atlas, it’s hard to imagine growing before I had it!
Nora & Dave, Herb & Paradice

If you’re not using Atlas Plant Trainer to train your limited plants to be wide and have a full canopy, then you are WASTING YOUR MONEY!! Atlas Plant Trainer is an investment, but so aren’t the lights, nutrients, fans, and everything else you use in your grow room! Serious growers know that plant training is the only way to realize the yield increases all other products promise.

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Bigger yields is what we do!

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