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Are You TIRED of Replacing Stakes,

Cages, and Ties Every Grow or Two?

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Increase yields by training your plants with APT!

Easily train and support your plants in any way imaginable. With our patent-pending design, you can easily click the pieces together as your plant grows to train them to grow the way you want. As the plant grows bigger, continue to build the structure and support your growing plants all the way through its lifecycle. One APT Standard Set will allow you to grow a 4’ tall and 4’ wide plant, or any similar variation, all with ease and functionality that you’ve never experienced before.  ORDER YOUR PLANT TRAINING SET 


CheapHomeGrow Interview #1

My very first CheapHomeGrow interview! About 6 or 7 months ago we were at a convention, doing our convention thing and I apparently educated this guy Shane who, unbeknownst to me at the time, was starting up his new podcast CheapHomeGrow. Shane reached out shortly...

Bamboo stakes suck! And they’re probably poisoning you too!

Bamboo stakes suck, and they’re probably poisoning you too!! Besides being kind of straight (more on that later), rigid, and of a fixed length, bamboo stakes can be carrying something nasty from one grow to the next. Bamboo is an outdated solution that needs to find...

CheapHomeGrow Interview

Rob Smith, Inventor, featured on CheapHomeGrow x 2 Back in August I was asked to join my friend Shane on another episode of CheapHomeGrow. Shane is all about interviewing growers of all sizes and kinds in order to help the audience learn how to grow better cannabis at...

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