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Increase yields by training your plants with APT!

Easily train and support your plants in any way imaginable. With our patent-pending design, you can easily click the pieces together as your plant grows to train them to grow the way you want. As the plant grows bigger, continue to build the structure and support your growing plants all the way through its lifecycle. One APT Standard Set will allow you to grow a 4’ tall and 4’ wide plant, or any similar variation, all with ease and functionality that you’ve never experienced before.  ORDER YOUR PLANT TRAINING SET


CannaInsider Interview

Atlas Plant Trainer is featured in CannaInsider! It took me 3 emails and 2 years of trying, but I was humbled and honored when Matt from the CannaInsider podcast asked me to do an interview with him. CannaInsider was another of the first podcasts I subscribed to first...

High Times Article

Atlas Plant Trainer is featured in the May 2018 High Times! Hoooooly!! It’s a dream come true for me and the entire APT team! Our product is in this month’s edition of High Times magazine, found on newsstands everywhere through the first week of June or so. After...

Summer Gardening Game Changers for Small Spaces

Small Garden Ideas for Summer   Looking for small garden ideas to get excited about growing this year?  You’re in the right place! The sun is out and the garden is calling your name. At Atlas Plant Trainer, our garden is our second home. Spending most of...

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