Increase Your Yields by 20% or More!

Maximize Yields on Every Plant & Every Harvest


Are You TIRED of Replacing Stakes,

Cages, and Ties Every Grow or Two?

You Need the APT!


Increase yields by training your plants with APT!

Easily train and support your plants in any way imaginable. With our patent-pending design, you can easily click the pieces together as your plant grows to train them to grow the way you want. As the plant grows bigger, continue to build the structure and support your growing plants all the way through its lifecycle. One APT Standard Set will allow you to grow a 4’ tall and 4’ wide plant, or any similar variation, all with ease and functionality that you’ve never experienced before.  ORDER YOUR PLANT TRAINING SET 


APT Grow Guide : Lollipopping

Atlas Plant Trainer: Grow Guide Series Phase 4 Lollipopping for Maximum Yields Whether you are working with young clones, older plants in the vegetative stage or in the first few weeks of flower, lollipopping is a critical step to growing bigger buds and getting the...

APT Grow Guide : First Plant Food & Water

Atlas Plant Trainer: Grow Guide Series Phase 3 First Veg Food and Water If you have been following our grow guide series you will know that we are using multiple nutrient systems. While we have been using Advanced Nutrients for the last half-decade, we have added two...

GrowCast Interview

Atlas Plant Trainer featured on GrowCast! Back in March, 2018 I had the pleasure of doing my very first podcast interview with Jordan River from GrowCast! When I learned about podcasts I had been growing for about a year, and they quickly became a favorite of mine as...

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