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Video Tutorials to how to Grow from A to Z!


Increase yields by training your plants with APT!

Easily train and support your plants in any way imaginable. With our patent-pending design, you can easily click the pieces together as your plant grows to train them to grow the way you want. As the plant grows bigger, continue to build the structure and support your growing plants all the way through its lifecycle. One APT Standard Set will allow you to grow a 4’ tall and 4’ wide plant, or any similar variation, all with ease and functionality that you’ve never experienced before.  ORDER YOUR PLANT TRAINING SET


Train and support growing plants with simple, extendable, and interchangeable pieces.


ABS plastic and stainless steel hollow design make for easy cleaning.


Maximize your grow space by growing to any size and shape desired.


UV-resistant ABS plastic, good for up to 5 years under everyday, intense light.


How to Get Roots in 7 Days (OR LESS!)

Some say it can’t be done. I say I’ve done it time and time again, and in this article, I’m going to walk you through the steps and the materials needed to take cuttings from a mother (or any other vegetative) plant, prepare them for rooting, and get healthy...

Our journey to a healthier us…with CBD

Entrepreneurship is one hell of a wild ride. While you are pushing yourself to the absolute limit mentally, you start to notice the poor habits you have (not eating well, not exercising, not meditating, and not taking vitamins are just a few examples…sorry, Mom!) and...

Cannabis has saved my life. Twice.

I am a VERY private person. Or, I was. I am about to tell you my story, a story that just a few months ago I might have died from humiliation just at the thought that people might know what I was battling internally. But that was me then. And this is me now. So, read...

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