How Atlas Plant Trainer came to be…

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How Atlas Plant Trainer came to be…

One Sunday night, while I stretched out on the living room floor and Danielle was perusing the interwebs on her computer from the couch, it started. The evolution, or revolution, that started that night is now known as Atlas Plant Trainer. See, I’d been talking about this idea for months on end – how it was going to be so much easier than what I was dealing with at the time, and still to this day. I’d drawn sketches, over and over again. Created different ways for it to be built, and various attachments to make it all connect together. Finally, she was tired of hearing about it. She found a product designer in Maine, Aiello Designs, and filled out the contact form on their website. She said “There – now you can tell him about how great your idea is.”

Atlas Plant Trainer has just kind of, well, happened since that night in September of 2016. While it has taken effort, time, and money to make it all happen, I feel like the product itself has lead the way. When I started to share the concept with friends and fellow growers, the feedback was amazing – better than I could have ever asked for. That’s why I say Atlas Plant Trainer has just happened. It had to. It knew it was going to solve so many problems for so many growers that it was not going to be held back any longer.

Atlas Plant Trainer was created out of years of growing pains. Literally, the current solutions for training and supporting plants would actually hurt, physically and emotionally. Bamboo stakes, trellis netting, and 12 gauge wire were the top offenders. The wire was cut to length, and was sharp on both ends and not easy to work without tools. Trellis netting was like getting tangled in a small cargo net, not fun and honestly – it hurt my feelings a little bit. I now can imagine how dolphins and turtles feel now when they get caught in a fishermen’s net. I despised bamboo stakes most of all, and I feel like they have ended up despising me just as much. At least they make it seem that way with their incessant stabbing and overwhelming inability to be flexible. I mean, just once, give a little and be where you should – where I want you to. Then, if you need to break an end of, or cut it off, there is no smooth ending there…that shit is splintery and sharp. I’ve gotten a few battle wounds from these nasty things, so be careful if this is your current solution.

Atlas Plant Trainer was designed to eliminate all of these items, or make using them exponentially easier in the case of trellis netting. Starting with one or two of our vertical stakes inserted in the soil next to your plant, you would attach your plant stem or branch by way of soft wire tie or some other connecting device. By way of the 360 degree rotating button, you would then start to train your plant to grow horizontal instead of vertical, starting the wider growth. As your plant gets bigger, more vertical stakes inserted at the exact location and angle you desire will help shape your plant to the exact dimensions you wish to attain. As your plant grows wider, more vertical stakes will keep growing the structure, but the horizontal connectors around your plant will help support the weight as your plant grows. With Atlas Plant Trainer, you will be able to grow your plant to the exact size and dimensions you want by aiding in the training of your plant then supporting the fruits or flowers as your harvest nears.

As our journey has continued, Atlas Plant Trainer continues to get rave reviews. I know that I shouldn’t trust my friends and family, but we’ve shown the prototypes to many people at various grow shops around the state, and the positivity just never ends. There have been some great suggestions for improvement, and many uses that we hadn’t even thought of yet. One hopeful future customer said that he could see his wife using it in the kitchen, or him in his workshop. He couldn’t come up with exact uses, but we were encouraged nonetheless!

This is why we can’t let anything stand in the way of Atlas Plant Trainer. We feel like the shepherds of the next revolutionary product for the growers of today, and want to help every grower easily train and support their plants with the entire Atlas Plant Trainer system.

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