The Calm Before the Storm…

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This is going to be one of the biggest weeks of my life.

We leave for Vegas tomorrow. Our daughter is napping. Rob is picking a trimming machine rental up. And I – well, I have time to sit down and type a blog, so things are pretty damn good. Admittedly, yesterday was not this relaxed. Yesterday the sky was falling, and it came to a head when I stopped for a moment and let it out. And then, something awesome happened. An incredible revelation. There was nothing more that I could do. Everything has been prepared, packed, checked off, and secured. Was everything in the correct place at that very moment? Hell no. There are critical packages of marketing materials on their way to Vegas right now with estimated delivery dates of Tuesday. Our largest package of materials is not set to arrive until WEDNESDAY (the first day of the show), but, I planned for it. I ordered a smaller batch from a different (more expensive) vendor and that package is set to be delivered Tuesday. Details, details. Anyway, I kind of compare this to a wedding. Whenever a friend or family member that is getting married asks for my advice, I always tell them the same thing.  Was this an exorbitant expense for us? YES! Was it a lot to plan? YES! Is every “I” dotted, and “T” crossed? YES! So…enjoy the HELL out of the event for everything it is, and everything it’s not (and out of your control), indulge in every freagin moment. I’m about to board a plane with my husband, daughter, and mother-in-law to head to Vegas to stay in an amazing Air BnB where we will all experience new things and make new memories together. Did I mention this was also a trip with my business partners and team of 4 volunteer team members to showcase our product at the largest industry tradeshow in the world, meet with investors, and begin selling sets – the sets we’ve worked for the past year plus EVERY single day? So what in the hell am I worried about. Nothing, now. Now, roll with the punches, enjoy every single moment, watch the wonder in Hayden’s eyes while she looks out the plane window, watch my husband light up at his dream of playing at a poker table in Vegas, have an amazing journey with one of my very best friends and favorite people to both work and play with? Have an opportunity to get to know a few new friends better, friends that have pushed and supported us throughout this journey and have volunteered what is most valuable to them – their time. Watch my mother-in-law and daughter excitingly recount the previous day at our APT family breakfasts each morning? Yeah, sounds like there are a whole lot of reasons to be excited like a kid on Christmas morning.

OK, so in retrospect, the order we posted these last two blogs is pretty funny. Rob wrote the last one post-Vegas, and this is one I had written pre-Vegas…before everything blew up. 🙂

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