Summer Gardening Game Changers for Small Spaces

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Small Garden Ideas for Summer


Looking for small garden ideas to get excited about growing this year?  You’re in the right place!

The sun is out and the garden is calling your name. At Atlas Plant Trainer, our garden is our second home. Spending most of the cooler months indoors preparing our seedlings and planning our garden work in order to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer when it gets warmer.

Small Space Gardening

You don’t need a large yard to reap the benefits of gardening. Living in a small space like a condo doesn’t mean that you cannot grow some plants and vegetables to indulge in this summer. All you need is some time to plan the layout of your space and a little bit of creativity.


🌿  Transform dollar store gadgets into a herb garden. You can find a fabric hanging shoe rack and turn it into a vertical herb garden. Simply fill each shoe slot with soil and plant your favourite herbs. Be sure to stagger them by a week or so to ensure you have freshness at your fingertips always.

🌿  Build a mini greenhouse. A great way to start seeds or care for baby plants is in your very own miniature greenhouse. Using clear plastic storage containers, place your seedlings inside and watch them take off just as though they were in a large, real deal, greenhouse.

🌿  Innovative gardening tools. Did you forget to buy a watering can? Go look in your kitchen and you will find one! With a little DIY skill and an empty milk jug, you can create your own watering can in minutes. Simply poke holes in the top of the milk lid, fill the jug up with water, screw on the cap, and voila! Instant watering can.


Home-Grown Techniques

Training your space. With the correct low-stress training method, you can grow any plant to any size and shape that you desire. We know this because our product, APT, is designed to do just that. LST is a common growing method used to reap the biggest grow and crop the largest yield. Bamboo stakes, wire, and string are all household items commonly used to train plants.

Your home-grown garden doesn’t have to look so homely. Step up your grow game with technological gizmos that help you in your process like indoor led lighting or timers used for feeding and watering schedules.

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