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Lollipopping for Maximum Yields

Whether you are working with young clones, older plants in the vegetative stage or in the first few weeks of flower, lollipopping is a critical step to growing bigger buds and getting the biggest yields! Today we’ll be covering lollipopping with our young clones, and at this stage of the cannabis growth process, lollipopping means removing plant material from the bottom third of the plant. As the plant grows and then enters the flowering stage the amount of growth you take off will increase which may create a lollipop type look, hence the term.

The purpose of lollipopping is to encourage your plants to direct energy and resources to the parts of the plant that are receiving the best light and air flow. By removing excess plant material, the rest of the plant will benefit from better energy resulting in increased growth and a stronger plant. Ultimately, if you choose not to lollipop it will have a negative impact on the size of your harvest. It’s fair to say that in order to GROW BIGGEST, you must lollipop.



A fresh pair of garden snips

🌿 Your clones

Step One: Trim

Ensure you have a fresh pair of scissors that are nice and clean. Use rubbing alcohol and give them a wipe down if it has been a while. Next, you can start trimming. Start by removing the growth at the bottom of the plant, closest to the soil. It is a good idea to cut as close to the stem as possible as this will prevent the plant from attempting to grow the branch back, wasting energy on it.  You want to trim away all the little stuff and leave the larger branches that have grown up towards the top of the plant.

We’re looking to trim away plant matter from the bottom of the plant in order to promote airflow across the soil and up through the center of the plant. This will help keep the top part of your soil dry, preventing bugs and potential mold from building up. Also, more air to the center of the plant encourages overall growth and strength for your plant.

Be sure to remove all of the largest sun leaves as well.


Step Two: Continue Trimming

It is important that the whole plant receives quality light, not just a few large leaves. This is critical so that the whole plant grows evenly and it will be easier to obtain a nice even canopy as you look to train your plants to grow wide and maximize its footprint. Specifically and cut away large feeder leaves that may prevent balanced light exposure. Yes, they will encourage photosynthesis (a plants way of consuming energy), but they also block a lot of other important parts of your cannabis plant from receiving beneficial light and continuing development.

Just snipping off a few of the largest ones should do for now, but you’ll quickly see that exposing your entire plant to good light will increase growth from top to bottom on your young plant.


PRO TIP: More air to the center of the plant encourages overall growth and strength for your plant.


Final Thoughts

As you can see lollipopping your cannabis plant in the cloning stage is a fairly straightforward process. Disinfect your scissors, trim away bottom leaves that aren’t getting light and are inhibiting air flow, and then snip away large sun leaves that prevent your plant from receiving full exposure from your light source. As your plant gets older, you start to train it to grow wider, and the canopy fills in, you will need to continue to trim away the undergrowth or it will end up yellowing out (turning yellow) on you. This happens when the plants’ energy is distracted from focusing on the important upper parts of the plant. We’ll cover that in great detail later on! Stay tuned!

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