APT Grow Guide

PHASE 1: Cutting Clones

Having the ability to cut a clone from a mother plant whose genetic makeup, potency, cannabinoid levels, and effects have been established saves you time and money.

PHASE 2: Transplanting Clones

In Phase Two, we will be transplanting clones which we have cut in Phase One. If you are like us and you are using multiple nutrient systems, be sure to separate your clones in the veg room to ensure they receive the individual care and attention they require. Keep in mind that old saying less is more.

PHASE 3: First Plant Food & Water

In Phase Three we will be giving our clones their first plant food and water.  Discover how using multiple nutrient systems can increase yields from every plant, every harvest, every season!

PHASE 4: Lollipopping

The purpose of lollipopping is to encourage your plants to direct energy and resources to the parts of the plant that are receiving the best light and air flow. By removing excess plant material, the rest of the plant will benefit from better energy resulting in increased growth and a stronger plant.

PHASE 4: Topping v FIM’ing

Topping v FIM’ing – What’s right for you and your plants? Learn how to do both, why they are important and then you get to decide which is best for you and when it’s best for your plants! It’s an easy process, so don’t be scared!

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