Frequently Asked Questions

Since Atlas Plant Trainer is new to market, we wanted to put some of the questions people have been asking us as we’ve been out and about showing off our prototypes and getting customer feedback!

Can you use Atlas in low height rooms?

Yes, atlas is completely customizable allowing you to grow in rooms you never thought you could before.

What makes Atlas better than Bamboo stakes?

Bamboo stakes limit your ability to grow in different directions as well as prevent you from getting your plants as close to your lighting as possible. The customization that Atlas Plant Trainer allows will remove the common road blocks bamboo stakes create.

How big is one set?

We will be offering multiple size sets to fit every growers needs. Our large plant package includes 24 vertical stakes and 12 horizontal stakes that allow you to grow one plant 4-foot-wide and 4 foot-tall. We halve that for our small plant pack (12 verticals/6 horizontals) that was designed with house plants in mind. Then we will be offering 3 and 6 plant packs of our large plant set at a discount over buying multiple single sets. Lastly, we plan to offer a large garden set of 300 vertical stakes and 150 horizontal connectors to satisfy even the largest garden needs.

How much more can I yield with Atlas?

Atlas Plant Trainer was designed to help you easily increase the size of your plants, which should increase the amount you yield from that plant. Since there are other factors (environment, nutrients, lighting, etc) that are outside of the control of Atlas, there is no way we can provide a guarantee on yield increase. With that said, our experience is that a larger, fuller canopy with great air flow will undoubtedly increase your yield.

How long will Atlas plant trainer last?

Atlas Plant Trainer will be manufactured in black, UV resistant plastic and should hold up for 3-5 years under every day intense light. With perpetual use, that should easily translate into 15-25 harvests before the plastic starts to degrade. If you were to increase your yield by just 10% per harvest, the Atlas Plant Trainer could return your investment 10-20x.

Can I combine 2 sets together?

Absofreakinglutely! Atlas was designed to help you #GROWBIGGEST! All Atlas parts are completely connectable and interchangeable leaving the size and shape that you grow into completely up to your imagination!

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